In 2021, our clients have increased their net worth by over $175,000,000 and took home over $12,000,000 in cash flow!

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Our Clients'  Track Record

Our Done For You Real Estate teams have assisted Done For You clients in transacting over $500,000,000 of simple and conservative single family residences. That equates to more than 4,000 individual properties purchased by over 1,300 individual clients over the last 15 years. We even post every transaction we complete with our clients during each calendar year. You can download and review a full annual transaction report for any year, dating back to 2013…

We Enable Our Google and BBB Reviews

Many companies in the real estate investment industry do not enable their Google, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau reviews; we do, and we are proud of what we’ve been able to help our clients achieve. We are an Accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and currently hold an A+ rating (as of October 2021). We know not every client’s experience will be perfect, but we know our teams bend over backwards to try and help our clients experience tremendous success. Therefore, we stand on our track record and we do not shy away from it.

Eugene Weilbach
Eugene Weilbach
16:48 11 Jan 22
DFY is a great company. Their podcast is amazing, and so informative. I've learned so much throughout the process, and appreciate their... laser focus on continuing to educate us in the current real estate markets. They have so much to offer, and continue to provide the best service!read more
Jeffrey Benjamin
Jeffrey Benjamin
04:15 30 Dec 21
This review is long overdue as my wife and I have been working with DFY for over two years now. In this time period, we have been able to... start our incredible journey of replacing income one property at a time. With knowledgeable coaching from every member of the DFY team, we have confidently been able to move forward in purchasing not just one but several homes and know that each one is being managed well every month. Highly recommend this company which often feels like a family!read more
Leimomi Lum
Leimomi Lum
00:21 21 Jul 21
A one-stop shop for purchasing homes made easy! My husband & I purchased our first investment property with DFY. Every touch point you... need in purchasing a home from start to finish with a highly professional team.We highly recommend DFY! We will definitely be working with them again in the near future as we build our real estate more
Sione Uyema
Sione Uyema
01:33 10 May 21
I have always wanted to find a legit turn-key real estate company that I could trust and that would provide great value for me as the... customer. Working with Done For You Real Estate has been such a smooth process, a quick process, and a process of clarity. Because we are new to the investing world of real estate we had a lot of questions. Whenever we had a question, they were patient enough to explain everything and made sure that we understood the answer to the questions. The amount of work that was done on our side to purchase a property was so minimal compared to people who would have to do everything on their own. One of the best parts of their service, which shows that they are truly there to help the customer, is that they take their service fee at the close of the deal; nothing before; nothing the end. They make investing in real estate transparent and more comfortable while understanding the risks that are involved. There are turn-key companies out there, but I highly recommend people to work with DFY Real Estate. For people who may be busy, but want to invest in real estate and build a legacy, DFY Real Estate will help you achieve the goals you have!!read more
Mike Chamberlain
Mike Chamberlain
15:38 03 May 21
I am amazed at the long-term impact rental real estate can have on a one’s confidence in their financial future and peace of mind now. I... appreciate DFY’s systems and approach to help individuals get started or accelerate their investing and increase the likelihood they stay invested and experience the long-term benefits of wealth creation and income more
Holly Kedd
Holly Kedd
14:33 27 Apr 21
If you'd like to invest in Real Estate and need a little hand-holding along the way, these are your guys! Check out their podcasts. Very... informative regardless of where you actually buy your real more
Cynthia Abo
Cynthia Abo
17:03 22 Dec 20
We just purchased our first investment home with DFY. I have been very impressed with the process and the results. We have owned rental... property for many years. How I wish they were around when we bought our first property! They have set up a what feels like a truly win/win opportunity. I love their honest, upfront, helpful approach. We plan to continue using their services for the long run and are so grateful for what they more
Cheryl Duby
Cheryl Duby
00:13 24 Oct 20
Our first purchase with Done for You was a smooth process and a great experience. From finding out where we were at in our journey and... what we wanted to accomplish to creating a plan for the future, each person of the team was professional, helpful and insightful. With their support we navigated the process with ease. They have your best interest at heart. I would highly recommend working with this great team of caring more
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Our Fees and Revenue Model Are Upfront and Transparent

Not Hidden and Secret

The way we make our money is by charging a flat-per-property fee, called a TEAMS Fee. This fee goes on your closing documents as a separate buyer-paid commission, and this same TEAMS Fee is included on every property projection you see. We also get a nominal referral commission from our market-based real estate agents after you close on a property. If we are fortunate enough to have our licensed mortgage brokerage (Strategic Lending) do the mortgage loan for you (which nearly 100% of our clients do), we will also make the standard loan fees other mortgage brokerages make if they were to do your loan. We also own an insurance brokerage (Inside Insurance) and if we are fortunate enough to win your business on insuring your investment property, we also make the industry standard insurance commissions on your policy. WE DO NOT hide or stuff fees into the properties you purchase. We also do not first acquire properties with our own capital, then turn around, fix them up, and sell them to our customers for an undisclosed premium. We want you to know our business and revenue model, because we believe there is value in you knowing both what you stand to make on a property and how we stand to generate company revenue through that purchase process. To use a common expression, “we put all our cards on the table.”

TEAMS Fee - Puzzle Piece Icon

Transaction Coordination and Oversight

Transaction Coordination is a broad term that describes how the DFY Teams in the field put all the puzzle pieces of a successful transaction together for you. From market and property research, to deal evaluation, to property fix-up and rehab, to ongoing property oversight, you are taken care of. Additionally you are assigned an Account Executive that will hold your hand and coordinate the field teams for you. Your AE is like a personal real estate investment concierge.


We Hit Real Estate Singles

Instead of taking on tremendous risk and trying to financially swing for the fences with property flips, creative real estate techniques, or large syndicated deals, we have found that investing in conservative and consistent single family properties, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car garage homes in markets selected through research and analytics, in good neighborhoods that attract good long-term tenants is a far more conservative and ultimately more profitable then high risk, high turnover, and potentially high reward types of real estate.

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We Practice  Moneyball Real Estate

We help you hit real estate singles by doing 95% of the work for you. We find you the right property in the right market, finance the property, insure the property, fix-up the property, find you great tenants, then get the property rented out and managed for you; all while allowing you to keep 100% of the profits and benefits of owning investment real estate without all the headache and frustration of doing it on your own. The Moneyball strategy relies on hitting real estate singles, consistently, over 10 or more years. Moneyball real estate means you plan on owning each property you invest in for around 5 years before selling it, taking the proceeds, and buying additional real estate from the sale of your property; hopefully doubling your portfolio each time you sell one property to buy two more. We help you intentionally grow your investment portfolio one property at a time, over time, holding your hand year after year through every step of the process until you have achieved the level of income replacement that you seek.

On-Demand and  Unlimited Inventory

Our Moneyball system relies heavily on our market teams who are on the ground in individual and very specific markets; who can find, access, and provide property inventory in a variety of ways. We are not beholden to the method of being forced to have liquid capital available for us to first purchase the real estate, then turn it around, fix it up, and resell it to you as many real estate investment companies do. Our inventory is on-demand, just in time, and relies heavily on a relationship based approach to utilize in-market real estate agents, the multiple listing service, and exclusive new construction opportunities with established home builders, so that no matter the inventory demand in any market area, we can provide a virtually unlimited supply to our clients based on their individual property acquisition needs or wants.

Multiple Markets Simultaneously

With Done For You Real Estate you can shop the same type of conservative and profitable properties in multiple markets simultaneously, instead of only gaining access to one single market at a time. We take a research based approach to helping you invest in the right market at the right time, and then help you know when it is time to transition out of one market and into another. We watch individual market trends and conditions, as well as larger economic cycles to help you know which markets are best to invest in at any given moment; regardless of what the current economic conditions might be.

Full Doc Pre-Approval

Any loan officer can pre-qualify you by getting an idea of your income, debts, and credit score. Instead of a fly-by pre-qualification, our mortgage brokerage, “Strategic Lending”, does a fully documented pre-approval for purchase. By having you fill out an application, upload your financial documents, and then work with our in-house pre-approval experts, when you have your pre-approval complete you are fully ready to qualify for a mortgage. This gives our market-based teams additional bargaining power as they look to find and win you excellent investment properties.

Increased Property Management Accountability

Oftentimes “turn-key” companies will own the property management company that is leasing out and managing the property for you. We do not own the property management companies we work with, but instead have a close working relationship with them. That means that in the event of an issue, frustration, or miscommunication, (which can be expected from time to time) instead of having to talk to the same company that is the potential cause of the frustration, Done For You Real Estate gets to act as a liaison, and intermediary between you and our property managers if need be. In addition, by having each of our property managers as independently owned and operated companies, it means they have an incentive to serve Done For You Real Estate clients, at a high level. If they do not adequately meet and fulfill the expectations we set for them, and that we’ve set with you, there are always other property management companies in town that would love to work with hundreds of extremely well qualified Done For You clients. That increased accountability, both on our part and theirs, will work in your benefit.


Industry Leading Customer Service

Accessibility is the name of the game. We are not hard to get a hold of. In fact, you will have a whole list of contacts you are given that you can reach out to at any time during your investment process. You’ll be assigned an Onboarding Specialist who will answer your questions and hold your hand during your research and pre-approval process. You will then be assigned an Account Executive that will be there to hold your hand through the entire purchasing process and will be your go-to contact for all your investment property needs. Your Account Executive will personally introduce you to our teams in the market you are interested in investing in, including your market based acquisition director, your property manager, and more. You will also have a whole Portfolio Optimization Team that you can reach out to, including our in-house property management liaison.

Annual Property and Market Reviews

You are not left to your own devices to figure out when is the right time to refi, sell, or simply hold. Every year, around the anniversary of your property purchase, we pro-actively put together an annual property and market review. We pull numbers on your property, figure out how much it’s worth, how much equity you have accumulated, how well the property has performed, etc. and we use that information to provide a fresh look, and a fresh set of options each year. You will know how much you could make if you sold, how much better your payment could get if you refinanced, or even how much cash you could pull out of your property to grow your portfolio even more quickly. You will know “what time it is” with your individual properties and your overall portfolio, and our expert team will do all the heavy lifting to do the research for you, so you can have a slew of options ready at your fingertips each year to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

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Real Estate - Easel
Market Review Example

Let’s Meet

Receive a Free and Customized Real Estate Income Estimate

Collaborate with a dedicated On-boarding Specialist who will work with you and for you, and provide a free, customized Real Estate Income Estimate (REIE). Your Estimate will show you how you can begin generating real income with simple and conservative real estate investments, one property at a time, starting right away with the resources you already have. This brief conversation will answer your questions, unlock the investment purchasing process, deliver practical ideas of how real estate “done for you” could have an immediate impact on your financial life, while providing clear guidance, and customized recommendations to assist you with your financial future. This conversation only takes a few minutes but can change the trajectory of your financial future. Enter your info to get started.
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