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If all your CPA does is your taxes, then you might be losing money! Click the button below to discover why my professional partners guarantee to find you $10,000 in missing or potential tax deductions for your business, or they’ll pay you $100!*

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Discover Why Your Current CPA Is Killing Your Money... A $10,000 Guarantee!*


Can I let you in on a little secret? My use of professionals who really understand the tax code, (and I mean they really get it), has been a key factor to my business growth and success. And I believe real estate investors, like you, should have the same tax advantages that big businesses have but at an affordable price. That’s why we at Tax Hive have partnered with Done For You Real Estate to provide you free Business Blueprint.

So before you decide you’re already winning at the tax game, click here and let us share just a few things you might be missing…

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Kevin O'Leary
Partner & Strategic Advisor, Tax Hive
Tax planning is not something you have to jam in at year end, not if you want to save money, you have to optimize your situation. Our team at Tax Hive can help you do exactly that…”
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A $10,000 Guarantee*

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Steve Earl
CEO, Done For You Real Estate
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Our new partners at Tax Hive recently shared with us some of the top tax deductions that our clients might be missing out on …and believe me, there’s a lot more than just the ones listed here by the managing partner from Tax Hive, Joel Jensen, CPA …

Did you know you can potentially save an additional $57,000 (or $114,000 if filing jointly) when you use this specific retirement structure that’s specifically designed to help small business owners thrive?

​Did you know that you could do bookkeeping strategically, so that it finds you opportunities to save and make more money in your business?

Did you know your current business’s legal structure could be COSTING you money and not saving you money?

​And much, much more!

Like a regular medical checkup, taking the opportunity to review your current tax plan is critical to your business health.

But we know you don’t really have time to do that yourself, so that’s why our partners at Tax Hive have created a free, simple questionnaire that will help you diagnose your current situation and then give you a personalized blueprint to help you keep more money in your business.

They call it the “Business Optimization Blueprint”. And just to let you know how much we want you to succeed, we’ve talked to our partners, and they are guaranteeing that the blueprint, plus a quick consultation, will find at least $10,000 in missing or potential tax deductions for your real estate business, or they’ll pay you $100* just for your time.

Again, all you have to is fill out the questionnaire, get your personalized blueprint and then spend a few minutes meeting with a member of the Tax Hive team to help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

If you’re ready now to start the blueprint, just click the button below!

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About Tax Hive

Tax Hive is a leading source for business tax preparation, estate planning and asset protection. Kevin O’Leary is a partner and strategic advisor for Tax Hive. We know that many business owners spend very little time with their tax accountant and in so doing bring on more risk of an audit. We believe in forward taxation planning because we don’t like doing taxes in the rearview mirror. We give our clients access to our professional CPAs and tax filers on a year-round basis, without the hourly cost. Our goal is to help you optimize your business and minimize your taxes.

*Terms and Conditions for $10,000 Guarantee:

Tax Hive guarantees to identify at least $10,000 in potential tax deductions or credits you are not currently taking, or it will pay you $100 for your time. The calculation will utilize the immediately preceding year’s completed tax return(s). Conditions: You must (i) complete the blueprint questionnaire, (ii) complete a strategy session with a Tax Hive representative, and (iii) have annual business revenues of at least $25,000. If, after meeting the conditions above, Tax Hive is unable to identify at least $10,000 in potential tax deductions or credits, it will send you one (1) Amazon® Gift Card valued $100. Offer expires 12/31/2021. See more at https://taxhive.com/blueprint/.

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