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Account Executives Team

Meet The Teams - Nathan 2021


Account Executive (AE)

Nate has been at Done For You Real Estate for nearly 10 years and comes from a long history of assisting clients with investing. His career includes over nine years in retirement planning at Fidelity Investments, managerial and lending experience with Chase Bank and American First Credit Union, and owning his businesses. He has a strong passion for entrepreneurship, investing, and marketing, all of which brings a unique and experienced perspective to help you with your real estate plan.

He currently lives in Saratoga Springs Utah, and enjoys time with his wonderful wife and five children. He loves to hunt, fish, backpack, and is engaged in conservation and preserving wildlife habitat, especially in fast-growing Utah. On a lunch break, you may find him on the Provo River casting his favorite fly to a hungry brown trout.

He loves working with Done For You clients and seeing them achieve success in real estate!

Hard shell or soft tacos? Hard Shell All the Way!

If Nate could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve fly fishing for a whole week with no cell phones!


Account Executive (AE)

Jerem comes to DFY with a wealth of experience ranging from Financial Planning, Marketing, Sales, and Real Estate Investing. He loves the outdoors and every chance he gets he is out running or backpacking in the Wasatch Mountains or kayaking on Utah Lake. He is fluent in Spanish and knows how to get himself around in Chinese (he once won a chopstick competition in China, his Chinese competitors were not happy about it). He is married with 3 kids – two boys and a little girl, though they aren’t so little anymore. Currently his favorite author is Brandon Sanderson. He also always has a random song stuck in his head.

3 questions:

  1. In another life, I’m pretty sure I was kung fu fighting with everybody.
  2. If I were a superhero, my superpower would be the ability to “download” a person’s complete knowledge base when meeting them. To know everything they know, and be able to do it too. IE: meeting Elon Musk – “I now know how to build rockets”
  3. Cats or dogs? Dogs, no contest.
Meet The Teams - Adam 2021


Account Executive (AE)

Adam York is the perfect blend of Passion, Optimism, Drive, and Experience to help you create Job replacement Income. He brings a unique perspective to your investing portfolio with over 12 years of his own Real estate investing experience, having done many rentals, fix & flips, wholesale, and a variety of other strategies. He has personally bought, held, and/or sold over 4.1 million dollars in real estate.

Adam loves to serve others in their cash flow goals so you can enjoy life on your own terms and have the freedom to create what you want with your friends, family, & loved ones.

Outside of the office Adam loves to spend time outdoors, thrill seeking, and creating memories traveling the world with his wife of 11 years, his two daughters and son who are 8, 6, and 2.

Random facts about Adam:
-Speaks Russian as a second language.
-Raced motocross his whole life growing up ending his career at a professional level in 2009 (after an accident that resulted in a 9 day coma prepping to race his hero Jeremy McGrath).
-Studied International business and Russian at Utah Valley University.

If Adam were a superhero, his superpower would be NEVER sleeping or slowing down AND to see 5 years into the future.When Adam was 5, he was pretty sure he’d be a professional chisel thrower when he grew up. (ask him, he’ll explain)

Something crazy about Adam you might not believe, he was hit by a semi on the freeway! (He was in stop and go traffic in the snow/ice. They were going maybe 3 mph and he couldn’t stop and the semi bumped him, but it sounds intense, right? lol)


Account Executive (AE)

Meet The Teams - Trent 2021

Trent has been a part of the DFY team for 3 years and always wakes up excited to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients. As a life-long Pennsylvanian, he takes every opportunity he can get to go hiking and explore when he is out in Utah working in the office. His favorite part of being an Onboarding Manager is having the chance to talk to hundreds of people from all over the country every single week.

Outside of Done For You Real Estate, he is also the Assistant Coach for the University of Pittsburgh ACHA D-I Men’s Ice Hockey Team. He lives with his wife Kristine and their tuxedo cat, Mittens, and they are all looking forward to adopting another kitten in the near future.

The most inspiring part of Trent’s job is watching clients move through the process of using rental real estate to become more financially comfortable for their future and retirement. The positive impact that DFY has on clients is the reason why he loves his job so much.

The most important thing he learned before high school was that failure is one of the best ways to learn.

If Trent could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve hockey, cats, Florida, Kristine’s cooking, and a comfortable recliner. He’s not quite sure what the holiday would entail, but that all sounds really good to him!

Meet The Teams - Laura 2021


Executive Assistant

Laura is one of the newest members of the DFY family and is excited to bring value to our team. Her goal is to accomplish every challenge presented to her with excellence. She loves learning and developing new skills. She loves people and can always find a common bond to share with everyone she meets.

Outside of the office, you’ll find her hanging out with her grandson and making sure his every dream comes true.

She’s an artist, a gardener and a jewelry designer in her spare time.

Portfolio Optimization Team

Meet The Teams - Mike 2021


Team Manager

For over 20 years Mike has worked with individuals and organizations to improve their personal and financial future. He’s been a financial advisor for 13 years helping investors plan with stocks and bonds and excited to now be able to help add the dynamic benefits of real estate to their portfolios to better prepare for retirement. Mike loves helping people position themselves to live their best life possible!

Mike graduated from Brigham Young University with a Psychology undergraduate and a Master of Public Administration from the Marriott School of Business. He lives in Pleasant Grove with his jovial wife, Johanna, and four wonderful kids. He enjoys traveling, community festivals, live music, and being involved with community service organizations.

In another life, Mike is pretty sure he was a travel guide because he enjoys researching and putting together travel itineraries that include eclectic and unique places to visit and experience the local culture or vibe. It’s fun doing it for others and traveling vicariously through them; it’s even better when one gets to go on the trip themself.

If Mike won the lottery tomorrow, he’d start a non-profit organization that helps people pursue their own unique interests, passions and ideas that will improve their community and provide satisfaction and a sense of purpose in their own lives – The Community Enhancement Center. And, you know, keep working here.

What’s the most inspiring part of his job? Hearing from clients how real estate investing has provided more peace of mind for their financial future and created space for them to enjoy life more now.


Administrative Assistant

Meet The Teams - Wendy 2021

Wendy has been working/investing in real estate for 6+ years. She is a team player and loves interacting with the clients here at DFYRE. Her goal?… to bring the same positive experience in real estate ownership to others that she has experienced.

Crazy and fun for Wendy is 4-wheeling in the outback of Utah, river rafting, and mountain drives in the fall when the leaves are changing color.

Wendy’s favorite words are: “C’est la vie” because when something tends to get her down it helps pick her back up, move past and move onward and upward.

If she won the lottery tomorrow, she’d invest it in real estate. And, you know, keep working at DFY.

Meet The Teams - Shelley 2021


Agent/Property Management Liaison

Shelley has been DFY’s local Utah Real Estate agent for 4 ½ fabulous years!

She is the mom to 3 crazy boys, one princess and the wife to a very fit 46 year old! She loves to clean, hates to cook, loves teenage drama shows and walks faster than most people run.

In another life, Shelley is pretty sure she was a piece of sand being whisked away from one stunning beach to another day after day!

The best piece of advice she has ever been given is, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

If Shelley were a superhero, her super power would be to clone herself into as many Shelley’s as needed at any given moment!

Strategic Lending Team

Meet The Teams - Dustin 2021


Principal Lending Manager (NMLS 382424)

Dustin has been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years and has worked in all facets of the industry. He has been with Strategic Lending for 6 years now and has assisted hundreds of clients with all of their mortgage needs from pre-qualification all the way through closing.

Dustin studied Business Management at Utah Valley University and started working in the mortgage industry while still attending school. It was so engaging, he decided to make it his career. He looked forward to the challenges of the industry and helping guide clients through the loan process to help them meet their goals.

Dustin is a very down to earth person that enjoys setting realistic expectations for his clients and fulfilling them. Using that approach has allowed him to close on over 95% of the business put under contract.

Dustin is a married father of 3 and enjoys sports, music, and the outdoors. He was raised in San Diego and has lived in Utah for 14 years now.

He works exclusively on referrals from clients and colleagues and looks forward to taking care of anyone you may know who could benefit from our services.

Email: | Phone: (801)373-7377 | UT Lic# 5600887 | NMLS #75381


Loan Processor

Brenda Keck

Brenda has been with the DFY team for 9 months. She enjoys shopping, watching volleyball & football, and eating chocolate. She and her husband have recently become empty nesters, so she enjoys visiting their kids also. She likes to visit warm places. She does not like the cold or the snow at all.

Best advice Brenda has been given is always look at the back of your hair before you leave the house.

When she was 5, she wanted to be a school teacher.

Hard or soft tacos? Brenda always gets a mixture of hard & soft tacos!

Meet The Teams - Jesus 2021


Loan Officer (NMLS 1878430)

Jesus was born and raised in Mexico until the age of 20. He came to the US as an International Student and obtained a B.S. in Business Administration from Chapman University in California. Got married to the most beautiful Mexican-American woman, Stephanie, in 2016. They have a 3 year old son, Jesse, capable of draining any one’s energy in a few minutes, confirmed. They moved from California to Utah on September 2020 so he could work for the team of superstars at Strategic Lending in August 2020. He has 9 years of experience as a Loan Officer Assistant and has been fully licensed for one year in multiple states. Still unsure on how to deal with the upcoming winter!

In another life he thinks he was a bear. He is very calm, nice, and cuddly most of the time; but when times require otherwise, he can be as scary as a hungry bear.

The most important thing Jesus learned before high school was to write FAST (this is back in Mexico) on our notebooks. They were told that high school teachers would only talk in front of the class for them to take notes rather than passing out handouts or write on the boards. If not, they would be in trouble if they didn’t have good notes to study and pass the exams. Turned out it was fake (-_-)


Loan Processor

Meet The Teams - Cherie 2021

Cherie has been with the DFY team for 2 months and she impresses us everyday. She’s a super fan of many sports like Formula 1 racing, Utah Utes Football, Utah Jazz Basketball, NHL Hockey, and cheerleading at all her family’s sporting events. She loves finding ways to humanize change at every level. She loves spending time with her family, whether it is at home or out on an adventure. She loves racing, sports, hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, flying, water rafting, anything outdoors and adventurous.

Outside of the office, you’ll find her cheering on the UTES in the fall and the BLACKHAWKS in the winter. Locally, she’s often attending car shows or finding new adventures with her husband Chris and 4 kids. She can’t wait to travel again and next on her list is Costa Rica, Monaco, & Barcelona.

In another life, she is pretty sure she was in the Air Force in WW2. It gives her a surreal feeling when she is at any airshow and just feels like it has always been a part of her life. While she has never been in the Air Force, she thought about it once and talked with recruiters but it didn’t work out with her life at that time. Cherie’s father is a private pilot and she has been blessed by flying luxury for a majority of her life. She LOVES being in the air.

The best piece of advice Cherie has ever been given was from her Dad, who said, “you can’t expect change by doing the same thing.” She has fallen back on this quote multiple times in her life. It has helped her make career changes and important life changes. Though she’s not sure who actually said it, she looks up to her father for his great advice.

Meet The Teams - Dani 2021


Loan Processor

Dani is the newest member of the DFY/Strategic Lending family. She has 12 years of Customer Service/Multifamily Real Estate Experience, and 2 years of Mortgage Processing Experience. She was “sucked into” the mortgage industry by her family (Dani, her sister, and aunt are all processors, and her mom is an underwriter). Dani loves the industry and loves having her family to share the laughs and support.

In her spare time, she is most likely out hitting the trails in her “side by side” and other off-road toys with her family or running her “minions” around to practices and games!

If Dani had to choose between cats and dogs, she’d choose COWS! Her husband’s family has a dairy farm out in Mayville, MI. Harmonie Farms has been a huge part of their lives and cows are the BEST and if she could have one here at home in UT, she would!


Loan Processor

What makes Melinda different is she’s secretly Wonder Woman…have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time? Just saying…Melinda loves collecting Wonder Woman items and plans some day to find the perfect Halloween costume to wear.

Melinda loves to dance, sing and is totally addicted to all kinds of music. Her playlists are the most random lists you’ll ever see. She loves her kids and grandkids beyond belief and loves anything outdoors. Skiing is her therapy in the winter, but outside of that, walking (getting those 10 thousand plus steps in), kayaking, biking, and golfing are her GO TOs. In the fall you will find her cheering on the Utah Utes!

In another life, she’s pretty sure she was a fashion diva and walking the runway.

If she won the lottery, Melinda would start a clothing boutique, love all things fashion and of course, still continue working for DFY or maybe invest in some properties to keep my ties with this amazing company.

Dogs or cats? Dogs, definitely dogs…never cats…She’s totally freaked out by cats and they hiss at her, just sayin.

Acquisitions Team

Natalie Ige


Acquisitions Manager

Natalie has worked for Done For You Real Estate as our Acquisitions Manager just shy of 6 years now.

She has been working in the real estate/lending industries for over 10 years now, starting at a national financial institution when she graduated from Brigham Young University, and then here with Done For You Real Estate.

Natalie works with the Acquisition team and gathers information for each property analysis to ensure that each property meets various standards for our customers, and that each property is a great fit for each of our client’s individual investment needs.

When she’s not at work, she loves to travel and learn about new cultures. Growing up in a family that went on a lot of outdoor adventures, Natalie also enjoys being in nature doing things such as hiking, canyoneering, backpacking, and snowboarding.


Acquisition Specialist

Jen Boyd joined the Acquisitions Team at DFY in the spring of 2022. She brings over 25 years of administrative support experience in a myriad of industries. She now works on the Acquisitions Team and gathers information for each property to complete an analysis that ensures it meets various standards for our clients, while also providing administrative support. Jen is a true unicorn; a native New Yorker who is actually very nice and super chill. Go Yankees!

Outside of the office, you’ll find Jen in her craft room sewing, writing, or designing digital art. One fun fact is that she first learned to ride horses and fell in love with it, in of all places, the Boogie Down Bronx, NY. She has lived in central Florida for the past 18 years with her family and truly loves the sunshine state. She also enjoys antique car shows, watching drag races, and taking Florida staycations. There are too many to choose from, but if she had to choose a favorite word it would be tomfoolery. The best piece of advice she has ever been given is when bringing a complaint, also come with a suggestion.

If Jen won the lottery tomorrow, she’d start a tourism company in the Caribbean…and, you know, keep working here.

Marketing and On Boarding Team


Onboarding Manager

James has been with the DFY team for 6 years. He is also a real estate investor and a Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer. And if that wasn’t enough, James also has an MBA and is an entrepreneur at heart, having started multiple business.

He loves all sports and is very competitive, but baseball is his favorite (yes watching and playing). He is from Georgia originally but now lives in Utah with his beautiful wife and 3 kids. If he is not involved in sports he is with his family.

James prefers dogs over cats and he has a very awesome Bernedoodle.

And most important question of all…If James had to choose between a hard shell or soft shell taco he would choose TACOS!!!


Digital Marketing Manager

Meet The Teams - Tisa 2021

Tisa joined the DFY team as a Digital Marketing Manager amidst the chaos of 2020. A CSU Sacramento graduate, she spent a number of years as an account coordinator with the award winning PR agency, Trainer Communications (Now 10Fold), as well as the advertising coordinator with Coldwell Banker Real Estate. She has almost a decade experience in assisting real estate agents in all aspects of their business, more specifically, social media and digital marketing platforms.

Outside the office, you’d most likely see Tisa on her hands, more than her feet. As a 2 time Acrobatic National Champion and retired internationally competitive acrobat, her goal in life is to continue to travel the world and document with #handstandsaroundtheworld. She is also the wife to an amazing public school art teacher and mom to 4 lovely, loud and crazy girls… but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

When she was 5, she was pretty sure she’d be an FBI sketch artist when she grew up. Her “colorful” choices as a typical teenager would make that nearly impossible. 

If she could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve TACOS. Oh wait, that’s what Tuesday’s are meant for…

The best piece of advice she’s ever been given is “LOVE MONDAY’s (Or insert anything challenging), or they will not love you back.”

Meet The Teams - Matt 2021


Head Web Developer

Matt works with the DFY team as a UX Designer/Web Developer and graduated from BYU in 2020 where he received his Bachelor’s in Technology and Engineering Studies with a Minor in Digital Humanities.

In another life, Matt is pretty sure he would have either been an Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company designing the next E-Ticket Attraction which he pitches the ride as, “feeling like the Rocketeer as you launch into outer space with your jetpack,” or he would have been a Hollywood filmmaker debuting his big film which he pitches as, “the Horror version of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit.’”

If Matt won the lottery tomorrow, not only would he pay off his school debt, but he’d also start up a food truck company called The Bacon Bar. The Bacon Bar would serve all breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert dishes as it relates to the greatest consumable substance known to mankind, Bacon! (And, you know, he’d keep working at DFY as well).

The best piece of advice Matt has ever been given is actually something his dad would quote from William James often… “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. As you think, so shall you be.”

Accounting Team

Meet The Teams - Richard 2021


Corporate Controller

Richard has been with DFY for 10 years as their Controller. He loves keeping score for the company and seeing how real estate has been a winning strategy for the DFY clients and for him personally.

Richard was a three sport athlete in high school and college, has run three Boston Marathons, and has three grandchildren! His favorite color is green, he prefers Taco Time to Taco Bell, and has been accused of hauling around corn hole boards in his truck.

One of his favorite quotes…“Do wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait!”


Meet The Teams - Steve 2021

Steve Earl


Steve Earl is one of the co-founders of DFY. Steve has several interests, but he has three true passions in life: Family & Faith, Business & Real Estate, Running & Motorcycles. Some may say, “hey, that’s six different things, not three!” But to Steve, he seems to actually mix and match all of them together at different times and in different ways. All of them require Faith, motorcycle rides are usually done as a family, and Steve always says that “all roads lead to real estate!”

Steve absolutely loves being a part of DFY and having the opportunity of working with both the most amazing staff on the planet and the most genuinely incredible clients.

The best piece of advice he’s ever been given is “get a degree in something you would actually enjoy doing.”

If Steve could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve riding a motorcycle.

His favorite word in the English language is “Endurance.”

Kevin Clayson

VP of Marketing

Meet The Teams - Kevin 2021

Kevin Clayson is one of the Co-Founders of DFY and continues to work on the front lines of the company today helping teach and introduce new clients to the company and its services.

Kevin and his beautiful wife, Malana, have been married for almost 15 years, and have three adorable children.

If you can’t find Kevin at the office, you might want to check the soccer field, the baseball diamond, or the basketball court where he may be coaching one of his son’s teams. If you still can’t find him, swing by the golf course where he will be pretending he’s good at a game he loves. If that doesn’t work, you might want to try local middle schools, high schools, or religious youth events where he may be on the stage, rapping, dancing, and motivational speaking which he does frequently because he has a passion for inspiring and blessing the lives of others through exciting, fresh, unique and powerful ideas. Finally, if all else fails, check his couch, hanging out with his wife watching sports or reality tv, and eating popcorn.

Kevin loves all things German, speaks the German language, will never turn down German food, lived in Germany for two years, and has backpacked Germany and Europe for weeks at a time.

Kevin is a Disney nut! He loves Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney+ and would want to be Captain America if he could pick any super hero to turn into.

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